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Visa Requirements

The following information is correct at the time of printing but is subject to change at any time.

Several countries require travellers to obtain and carry official documentation, called a visa, before entering that country. VTA cannot assist guests with completing the Visa Applications, it is the guests sole responsibility to obtain and have readily available all proper documentation necessary for travel. The application process and governmental rules change frequently, please inquire with a travel agent or contact a Visa Service agent if assistance is required, which will impose additional charges. All effort will be made by VTA to provide updates as and when such changes are made.

Visa and documentation requirements vary by nationality and destination.  Please use the itinerary sent with your confirmation, and/or the website itinerary to check if a visa and which type is necessary for your voyage. Boarding may be denied if you arrive at embarkation without all the proper travel documentation, and in that case, unfortunately, you would not be eligible for a refund.

As a courtesy, VTA provides some information as to necessary travel documents, visas and vaccinations. However, it is very important that guests understand that requirements advised are ONLY for citizens of the US, UK, CA, NZ, and AU. ALL OTHER CITIZENS MUST CHECK THEIR FULL ITINERARY REQUIREMENTS WITH THE CONSULATE OF THEIR NATIONALITY.

Types of Visas:  

Visa on Arrival

Most guests can obtain the following visas onboard when arriving with the ship. The visa is issued based on the information provided by the guest in their Required Passenger Information form. This form is received prior to embarkation, in the confirmation packet.  This information is provided by VTA to our port agents and/or our ground operators to process the visa on behalf of the guest.

In Transit Visa: This means that a visa stamp or other type of visa reference is completed by the port authorities and any paperwork required will be submitted and processed on the guests’ behalf by the Aegean Odyssey.

Visa In Advance: This means ALL guests must obtain the visa for themselves, in advance of their departure from their home. PLEASE NOTE THAT MOST VISAS HAVE VALIDITY RESTRICTIONS WHICH REQUIRE THE GUEST TO BE AWARE OF THE TIME FRAME IN WHICH THEY APPLY FOR AND RECEIVE THE VISA.

E-VisaMust be obtained in advance of travel. This is an electronic visa which can be obtained online from the government authorized website and printed out for guests’ to insert into passports.  Yes, some can be obtained at airports but others cannot – therefore it is essential guests’ apply and insert document into their passports.

ETA:  Must be obtained in advance of travel. This is an Electronic Travel Authorization which can be obtained online from the government authorized website and printed out for guests’ to insert into passports.

Note: It is each guest’s own responsibility to ensure that they have the required documentation prior to travel.

For more information and the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, please visit -

Mediterranean Itineraries

No visas are currently required for UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand passport holders visiting France, Spain, Morocco, Madeira, Canary Islands, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Malta, Morocco and Portugal.

Group visas for Albania are obtained by the ship upon arrival for UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand passport holders. The cost of this visa is included in your cruise fare. 

Note: Voyages to Antiquity must have the following information relating to each passenger: full name (as it appears on passport), address, nationality, date and place of birth; plus passport number, expiration date, date and place of issue and insurance coverage information.

It is the responsibility of the guest to verify that the full name (s) on any cruise, land, or air arrangements confirmation received from Voyages to Antiquity or a designated travel agent is exactly the same as listed on his/her passport. 

Voyages to Antiquity is not responsible for cancellation or pre-bookable fees imposed by any supplier due to incorrect names provided by the guest or travel agent.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact a Voyages to Antiquity representative for further information.

Far East Itineraries


The official site for applying for any type of Indian Visa for all nationalities is:

If you see any other sites, those are VISA SERVICES that will essentially do all the work for the guest but for which fees will be charged. Voyages to Antiquity strongly recommends using a visa service whenever possible.   Rules change often and changes are not always notified to travel suppliers/wholesalers immediately; whereas visa services do get notification of immediate policy changes.

US, CA, AU, UK, and NZ guests who are FLYING INTO DELHI OR MUMBAI, an E-Tourist Visa can be obtained.   

Cruises that begin in Delhi (or Mumbai if the guest is doing their own land before the cruise). 

Please note:

  • Indian E-visas cannot be applied for any earlier than 30 days in advance of ARRIVAL to India.
  • Indian E-visas cannot be applied for later than 4 days in advance of ARRIVAL to India.  

Guests arriving to India WITH THE SHIP cannot use the E-Visa and must obtain the visa through the above website.  In 2019, this is the AEG181206, AEG181206A, AEG181206D, AEG181206E, AEG190126 (Port Blair), AEG190126A (Port Blair), AEG190126B (Port Blair), and AEG190126C (Port Blair) cruises.

Specifically for the AEG190126, AEG190126A, AEG190126B, and AEG190126C voyages, guests frequently ask if an Indian visa is required if the guests decide to stay onboard for the call to Port Blair.   The answer is:   The Andaman Islands are a territory for India and therefore, guests who intend to visit Port Blair, must have an Indian visa. 


  • The ability to open PDF documents in order to print out the E-VISA which must be in your passport on arrival
  • A planned arrival date for India 
  • A credit card or debit card to pay the US $75 fee (or whatever fee is valid for the guests’ nationality
  • A scanned PDF image of the first page in your passport (max size: 300 KB)
  • A full-face JPEG photo of yourself, facing forward, from the top of hair to bottom of chin, no borders, with white background (max size: 1 MB)
  • Reference while in India:  First hotel guests will be staying at
  • Two blank side by side pages for stamping


  • A passport still valid for at least six months
  • A printed copy of your approved E-Tourist Visa
  • Proof of a return flight out of India (Final Cruise Documents with sailing itinerary and flight confirmation with e-ticket information)

After applying and paying the non-refundable fee, you’ll be emailed your authorization code within four days. From the approval date, you’ll have 30 days to present your printed ETA in one of the visa-on-arrival airports in India to be stamped into the country.